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Caterpillar is a brand name synonymous with quality and reliability, which is why choosing Caterpillar parts for maintaining Caterpillar equipment, requires a very selective process of choosing only the most reliable and most compatible components.

Caterpillar generator are known worldwide as the standard, by which other machines are compared, and with over three hundred different Caterpillar machines available, one thing is certain – there are a great many Caterpillar parts involved.

Caterpillar generator is designed for the toughest environments, from tough off-road environments, mines, quarries, building sites and in environments where dust, gravel, splintered concrete and clouds of sand are constant companions.

It is for this very reason that Caterpillar generator has designed their three hundred machines to cope with the toughest extremes, and to keep going long after lesser machinery. But ultimately it is inevitable that Caterpillar parts will need to be replaced, and when it comes to carrying out repairs or replacements you have two main choices.

You can either go straight to Caterpillar, or you can choose to purchase Caterpillar parts of the same quality and standard, but at a price which keeps your budget under tight control. With a total of around twenty five thousand common Caterpillar parts, one of the most popular and trusted manufacturers and suppliers of Caterpillar parts is KMP Brand, a company that for the last decade and a half has been the supplier of choice for companies and workforces in over a hundred countries worldwide.

Because Caterpillar is such a recognized brand, the seal of quality is hard to achieve. Caterpillar have spent many years refining, improving and developing hundreds of machines to cope with earth moving and excavation, ensuring that the quality and durability of every machine is first rate.

But the quality and durability of each of the three hundred machines is reliant almost entirely on each and every one of the twenty five thousand component parts, from camshafts to bearings, from fans and filters to pistons, pumps and thermostats. If any one of these Caterpillar parts fails, then it makes little difference how refined and reliable the remaining components are – the machine is as useful as the rocks it’s designed to move.

But whilst it is easy to become focused on the need for build quality and the durability and compatibility of Caterpillar parts, it is also important to consider the personal side of sourcing replacement parts for Caterpillar excavation equipment.

Because sometimes a problem needs discussing, a solution needs to be developed in consultation with experienced people with a wealth of knowledge gained from working in the field rather than looking information up on a computerized database.

If you’re looking to identify replacement Caterpillar parts, or are looking to upgrade or adapt existing Caterpillar equipment with new or alternative parts, which would you prefer – a computerized stock list, or someone with at least a couple of decades of experience doing exactly what you’re planning to do?